We just raised 163,000 USD in funding

Cause we thought funding was a jungle, I wrote the complete book for you!

The book contains all of our material (slides), how we approached it, the whole process, and what we would do differently today! + one recorded pitch from an event!

It is based on our experiences, where we raised 163,000 USD and lost a round on 735,000 USD , since the summer of 2020

All in all, I have written the book I wanted myself to read - before we went out and sought funding!

The book

You receive...

our pitch deck 

In the book, you will find our complete pitch deck, including explanations and thoughts behind it!

our experience

You will get everything from the smart way we contacted investors, to what we would have done differently today!

budgets and valuation

Numbers are often a challenge for entrepreneurs. As a former accountant, you get a complete smart budget that you can use to help determine your valuation!

guidance in negotiations

A negotiation with investors is about more than just money and valuation. Learn about all the good points you can negotiate with, and which of them to look out for.

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The book will be out in the summer of 2021

Rasmus Madsen


The book will be out in the summer of 2021

About me

Mini Resume

Raised 163,000 USD
Sold to Visma
Det lille skridt,
Over 2,300 sold copies
Deloitte, accountant
6,5 years of experience 

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Are you seeking funding or just curious about how it all works? Then this book is just for you. It is written in such a way that everyone can understand it. I do not think there is a better "How-to" book about the subject out there



I can definitely recommend the book “HowToGetFunding.com”. It has truly prepared me for the journey I have just embarked on!


Handling app, founder

I wish we had the book before we had to seek funding! I can recommend “HowToGetFunding.com” 100%


eManager, founder

Free light-version

Download a free light-version of the book and get: 
  • Table of contents from the book
  • Snippet from the introduction
  • The chapter “is funding the right thing for you?”
The light-version includes 10 pages from the book
Note that the light version will be sent in April
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